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Famous Author – Seth Godin  -- wrote a book about the new face of marketing and what it all means. The gist of it says that in todays marketplace everything should revolve around a story. In fact, it is the stories that we tell that shape our image and make our brand stand out. But there is a twist to this type of thinking and I need you to understand it. The important thing here is that your brand is what people say about you behind your back. This runs counter to our old thinking. The old ways of advertising was to stress a slogan, or a jingle and to run that message over and over until the product stayed at the top of your mind.


A lot of your competitors are forgetting to actually sell... The web is a lot more than just pictures and prices.


But now there are too many stories and everyone is literally talking at the same time. You have thousands of online radio stations, billions of websites around the world, 800 cable television channels, and it is hard to make something stand out based on a logo or a sing along jingle. How do you cut through the onslaught of messages?

You tell memorable stories about yourself and then run them on your websites and introduce them to your audience. From there you can do this any number of ways.

* Podcast
* Websites
* Blogs
* Web Video
* Bookmark Sites
* Video Sites
* News Sites
* Social Media

It’s not just important to be on page one any more but it is more important to engage people. Getting on page one on Google is pretty awesome don’t get me wrong. But bring a story to tell when you do it. Because there are too many companies in your industry that will compete on pictures and prices….. 

The title of the book, “All Marketers Are Liars” is just poking fun at the idea of marketing altogether. One story talks about the price of wine glasses and how it can affect the taste of wine. People want to believe that the higher you pay for the wine glass the better the wine will taste. This is the story behind the wine glass company. That idea is further enhanced with pictures of a luxurious winery that makes the story more believable. In reality the price of the wine glass doesn’t enhance the taste of the wine whatsoever. Maybe the book should be called…  “All Marketers Tell Stories”


What does this mean for your company?  You would be surprised at how many businesses I consult with that never even consider constructing a story that could benefit them. This is a lost opportunity. I have placed three stories that are working right now for me on this website. Call them case studies… or as I like to call them - -- stories in motion.  These are stories that SELL…. AND GET ATTENTION… AND CONTINUE TO MAKE MONEY – AND THRIVE ON THE WEB.  Best of all Google and other search engines like them and will give them the light of day.

Your story is not just sales copy and promises. It’s not just a chance for you to boast about yourself. The stories you tell will give life to your product and ultimately shape up your brand. And because you have so many competitors do not be timid to tell your unique story.  Do not over think it and it is okay to get your web project on the road with just three wheels. We have done it with many brands and they have literally exploded on the web.

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There Are Some Amazing Things You
Must Know About The Web in 2017

Google is making things easier for mobile users. So that means that your site should be mobile friendly and easy to access.  Some site  owners have missed the memo on this one and still have monstrous sites that are 1024 pixels wide or more. THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM --  These sites can be still used and still made to be mobile friendly with just a few simple tweaks.

In fact, we don’t even have to go inside of your site at all to make this change!

There is a very good chance that your website doesn’t have enough content in it. Google is getting really funny on how sites are ranked and what they are ranked for. It is not enough to get your site ranked for your keywords and categories. You will need to provide stories, case studies and articles of interest that deal with your business. I see a lot of companies that blow this off like it’s not important.

There is something called – Semantic Indexing – which means that the search engines are looking for your keywords and phrases to be used in sentences and in some kind of conversational manner. 


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